Rose from Luo Ma Lake|Wong Rose

Exhibition duration: 2018.11.18(Sun.) - 2018.12.18(Tue.)

Ying Gallery is excited to announce our new exhibition, Rose from Luo Ma Lake 罗马湖一枝花, featuring Wong Rose for the second time. The exhibition opens on November 18, 2018, Saturday, with opening reception from 3PM to 6PM, at Ying Gallery, Cao Chang Di, Beijing. The exhibit features a new series of works by Wong, who moved to Luo Ma Lake since 2017.
Regarding the development and growth of lives at any level, it all hinges on the adaptability of living organism to external environments, at either psychological or social dimensions, Such adaptability also morphs with shocks from constant external forces, and the changes from environments they ultimately find themselves in.
From 2014, the artist Wong Rose has traversed through multiple artist regions within the metropolis of Beijing, which has undergone many phases of city development. Continuing to seek environments for her creations, Wong Rose kept up with her very own adaptability. Such enhancement and transformation of her adaptability also changed her creations, shifting from a mode of introspection of the self to a mode of observation towards the world, with herself at the centre of scrutiny.
She employs her own corporeal self as the center of a circle, observing the group of idealists who she surrounds herself with, in defence against changes and uncertainties. Together, she and they would be akin to shards of bodies, scattered and collaged into a myriad of unsettling landscapes, amidst changes that shift and rise. Sometimes frustrated, otherwise powerless, they nevertheless demonstrate life-forces blossoming with truth.
Luo Ma Lake (a bilingual pun that also suggests Lake of Rome) is not as romantic as it sounds. The lake is located between two villages, namely Luo Ge Village and Ma You Village. Here in the exhibition, Luo Ma Lake does not refer to a specific location. It is a metaphor for the living environments of Chinese artists as a collective, a testament to their way of living.
Wong Rose is a visual artist and scholar of educational research for art institutions. She graduated in 2011 from University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Arts (Hon), double majoring in Comparative Literature and Fine Art, earning herself the prestigious Professor So Man Jock Prizes. In 2013, Wong graduated with a Master’s degree in MAAT & Contemporary Art Practice from Goldsmiths, achieving Distinction for her dissertation and graduation exhibition. Since 2012, Rose Wang has appeared in many group exhibitions in Hong Kong and mainland China, London and Brussels, as well as international artist residency programs. She now works and lives in Beijing.